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Council for Asian American Studies Education

Organizational Profile

CAASE was founded in 1991 as a resource to support professional educators working for the inclusion of Asian American Studies in university and high school curricula.   Since then, it has provided research and technical assistance to successful ethnic studies initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Texas, and Texas A&M University, and is currently assisting initiatives at the University of Florida and the College of the Holy Cross.

CAASE aims to support all efforts to provide multicultural and ethnic studies education in American schools.  Since these efforts are frequently short-handed, CAASE deploys the talents and experiences of its members nationwide to augment local organizing and research.  The creation of the CAASE website in 1998 is intended to ensure continuity in the collective experience of CAASE's advocacy.

CAASE voted in 1993 to establish a high school examination in Asian American Studies.   The first examination, in March 1995, invited students at 1,100 of the nation's best high schools to compete for scholarships and other prizes.

Through its programs, publications, and advocacy, CAASE promotes the belief that awareness of the relevance and significance of ethnic minorities in American history and culture, formally and universally established by education, is the most secure defense against racism.


National Asian American Studies Examination

National Directory of Asian American Studies Programs

The Chinatown Project

Founding Board of Directors

Honorary Director Lea Salonga
1993 Academy Award Winner
Executive Director Andrew Chin
University of Texas
Public Relations Jean Lee Cole
University of Texas
Northern Region John Cheng
University of Pennsylvania
Southern Region Barry Hom
University of Florida
Western Region Alan Hu
Stanford University